Service & Maintenance.

Maintaining your building services assets, keeping your buildings functioning, reducing risk and assisting your business continuity whatever it is that you do.

Maintaining your asset investment

Like most things, it’s not until something stops working correctly or breaks down, that we really notice how much we rely on that equipment being available to use. Worst still, that it doesn’t perform as intended when it’s needed most.

Yet depending on what the asset does, this often determines the severity of your buildings and how your buildings subsequently operate, especially when those assets don’t function correctly as the manufacturers intended.

We can help to eliminate this uncertainty and risk to your business continuity with our team of asset management experts and professionally qualified building services engineers. We prepare servicing and maintenance either to SFG20 maintenance task schedules or devise bespoke maintenance schedules based on the risk profile of assets failing, combined with planned maintenance visits by our professionally qualified building services engineers.

  • Professionally qualified building services engineers
  • Implementation of SFG20 maintenance task schedules
  • Capability to devise risk-based maintenance schedules

We can provide both routine maintenance and emergency repairs for all manner of building services assets. To find out more, please get in touch.

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