Commercial planning.

Planning services to determine the commercial viability of your projects, establishing M&E cost-certainty from cost-planning, valuations and commercial advice.

Getting the best from your investments

Now, more than ever, given the new challenges of economic uncertainty, there is an increasing need to make better use of limited resources. The challenge concerning spending decisions has never been greater to achieve value for money over the short and long-term. But with the decisions we make today setting a tone for future success, what’s required is a well-prepared and impartial business case that’s founded on critical thinking that’s guided by the best evidence available.

We help clients in industries as diverse as those in aerospace, construction and manufacturing to influence decision-making by navigating what they might consider complex and uncertain territory, pinpointing commercial risk and providing the tools and insight to produce compelling business cases to optimise value and identifying opportunity for their M&E installations and buildings.

Whatever your business, and whether you are looking to acquire a building, seeking to refurbish your existing ones, or wanting to assess the cost of disposal, we can calculate the costs and the financial exposure of your projects.

  • Commercial risk management
  • Applications, valuations and variations
  • M&E cost planning
  • Tendering assistance
  • Estimating

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