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Expert know-how to heat, cool and illuminate your buildings cost-effectively, and often with no upfront capital investment needed.

Unlocking your buildings energy efficiency

With energy all around us and available at the flick of a switch, no wonder it’s one aspect of daily life that’s often taken for granted. The energy we use comes in all kinds of forms that shapes how we live and work, that’s an inherent part of every-day modern life.

Within buildings we use it to maintain a comfortable internal environment, heating, cooling and lighting the spaces you occupy, and powering just about everything that keeps your buildings and people safe, comfortable and productive, that also enables your organisation to keep on going.

Yet with energy a valuable resource that’s at the heart of most things, continuing what you do using less energy and with fewer maintenance visits, is a cost saving worth considering.

We can help you to unlock the energy efficiency potential of your buildings, undertaking energy impact assessments and audits that establish energy strategies best suited to your buildings and how they are used. For example, identifying areas of heat loss and delivering initiatives to prevent it, and retrofitting LED lighting and intelligent lighting controls for schools, offices, warehousing and other industrial applications with huge savings of upto 80% and often with no upfront cost, plus the added benefit of your spaces being better illuminated making them safer and more productive places to be.

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