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We make buildings a sound investment, enabling workplaces to be effective, safer spaces where more productive and successful activity happens.

What’s New

The Orb Carriageworks

CBS Engineering are pleased to be providing the complete Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health design for Orb Mechanical and Electrical [...]

Trusted engineering

Here at CBS, we believe that great engineering is always about having great purpose. Asking the right questions to know-why, so that our know-how simultaneously considers everything we do with intention; technically feasible and business viable but with a human-centred approach. After all, it’s the people inside a building that matter most, and the reason we integrate their needs within the engineering that goes into the buildings where you visit and work.

Our expertise.

As engineers, consultants, and managers with an inhouse project delivery team, we understand how each discipline functions. This variety in our skills is what makes us expertly placed to assist you in all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering for cost-planning, design and project management. We establish compliance and user-defined building services where the environments we create enable you to concentrate on what you do best within facilities that are safer, better places to be.