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We can help you to navigate through the complexity of your buildings’ mechanical and electrical assets, enabling financial insight and more control of your budgets.

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Your mechanical and electrical installations have an important role that keeps your buildings and the shared spaces you occupy functioning, and your people safe. Everything around you that you trust and rely on, that helps you to do business, is enabled by these services. These are the essential services that run quietly in the background to provide the lighting, power, heating, ventilation and cooling that make offices and shared spaces safer, better places to be.

We work with some of the leading mechanical and electrical manufacturers, and deliver maintenance with a specialist team having in-depth product knowledge and a deep understanding of building maintenance and task schedules like CLAW and SFG20. In combining our engineers’ asset knowledge with these planned maintenance regimes, maintenance planning and regulatory compliance is made easy and more cost-effective for you throughout the asset life-cycle.

We also undertake whole-life cost analysis that will help you to make more informed procurement decisions, making the cost of maintenance and asset disposal more insightful and cost-effective for you further still.

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