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Ensuring building compliance, operational reliability, and the continued efficiency of your building services assets.

Safely maintaining you buildings’ HVAC Systems

Undertaking routine maintenance offers many benefits for your organisation. It lowers the whole-life cost of maintenance, it maintains the energy efficiency of those assets and reduces the potential for more costly asset replacements, and it keeps your equipment running smoothly just like you would expect.

Yet properly maintained HVAC systems also reduce the risk of health concerns by maintaining a healthy Indoor Air Quality, (IAQ), by having adequate ventilation that may otherwise cause Sick Building Syndrome, a medical condition that can affect peoples’ health and productivity, and be a factor for impaired learning in schools.

We plan, maintain and inspect building services assets of all types to SFG20 maintenance task schedules as well as clients’ bespoke methodologies. With our in-house team of qualified engineering staff, our work ensures that your assets operate correctly and cost-effectively, and the indoor air quality produced by HVAC equipment maintains a healthy indoor environment.

We have been working on one of our existing sites with Graham for several years and we are able to help the University of the West of England, (UWE), achieve their core purpose of ‘advancing knowledge, inspiring people, transforming lives’. Covering a site of over 88 hectares, 3 campuses and 167 buildings.

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