Management & engineering.

We design and install the mechanical and electrical building services so buildings that function just like you’d expecting them to.

Enabling buildings to function just like you’d expect

A building’s mechanical and electrical services have many roles to play. They help buildings meet the needs of the people that use them, and guide architectural design for the buildings of the past, present and future, so they operate safely and efficiently with comfort, while contributing to a low-carbon, sustainable way of life.

We design and install the mechanical and electrical building services so buildings function just like you’d expecting them to, combining our M&E expertise with a building’s bricks and mortar to help businesses that own, occupy, construct and design buildings to minimise risk and to get the most from their investments.

Our management and engineering services span everything from preparing initial business cases to designing and installing power, lighting, heating and cooling to dilapidations and asset disposal.

  • Mechanical and electrical design management
  • Preparing tender documentation
  • Bid evaluation, adjudication services and technical vetting
  • Quality monitoring of M&E installation
  • M&E project management
  • M&E coordination
  • Condition surveys and asset tagging for maintenance planning
  • Dilapidation surveys, reporting and advice for work scheduling
  • Commissioning management

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