LED Lighting upgrades.

Bright and powerful, cost-efficient lighting that creates safer and more productive spaces from them being better illuminated.

Cost effective lighting for improved well-being

With lighting attributing to c20% of a building’s energy usage, upgrading conventional incandescent lighting to LED lighting is a choice worth considering. More so given LED’s are increasingly more affordable, offering upto 80% savings in energy they also provide a cushion against the risk of rising energy prices.

For lighting design, we draw guidance from the link between lighting and wellbeing. For instance, light that is the wrong colour, too bright or too dull has shown to negatively affect health. It is why we produce detailed lighting designs and install energy efficient lighting, not just with a focus on reducing energy costs, but the potential it has to make people feel more comfortable and be more productive in their buildings.

We do this by carrying out energy efficiency audits that establish how your buildings are used and for what purpose, and then specifying energy-efficient systems to maintain a consistent high-quality level of illumination with controls that dynamically adjust colour temperatures throughout the day to create a consistent luminance.

The benefits of LED technology are:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Longer lifetime that non-LED technology
  • Bright and powerful lighting to improve your working environment
  • Potentially thousands of pounds of savings per year through efficient energy use
  • Energy reductions that help save the environment

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