Manuals preparation.

Major sources of information that accurately describe all aspects of a project’s or building’s M&E installations for use by anyone involved with the day to day management and maintenance of a building.

The right documented information, right when you need it

Providing accurate and easy to follow information is a must for every project at the preconstruction phase right through to project completion and for customer handover. Knowing what details to include and when to provide it can seem confusing and a time-consuming task if you haven’t had to produce one before.

Documented information is important as it provides the necessary evidence for complying with the relevant health and safety legislation and with the Construction Design Management regulations that are in place to protect people on construction projects.

While much of this information is generally available, yet in multiple places and often in numerous revisions, we simplify this often-cumbersome task using quality coordinated processes and software to accurately prepare documented evidence of the latest amendment. The result is accurate information that reflects the building and its assets for maintenance and inspection tasks to be more effective as a result of having access to this accurate information.

  • Health & Safety file
  • O&M manuals for main contractors and their subcontractors
  • O&M manuals for M&E subcontractors
  • Logbooks
  • Building user guides
  • Home user guides

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